I am a doctoral student in the database group in the Department of Computer Science at Oxford University. My research interests are database theory and database management, with a particular focus on uncertain data and probabilistic databases, as well as Web data management. I am involved in the FOX research project as well as in the development of the probabilistic database engine SPROUT. In summer 2012, I spent 14 weeks in Alon Halevy's Structured Databases group at Google in Mountain View and worked on ranking strategies for related Web Tables.

My supervisor is Dan Olteanu.

Before joining Oxford's CS department in December 2009, I studied physics and computer science at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (Munich), obtaining "Diplom" degrees (each a 5-year programme comparable to a BSc + MSc) in 2008 and 2009, respectively.

Whenever I am not intimate with computer science, I play the Violin in a bunch of orchestras (e.g. Oxford University Orchestra, Junge Sinfonie Berlin), as well as football with the Wolfson/St Cross graduate team, or pretty much any other ball-related sport on a more casual bases. I enjoy food that was not intentionally radiated by electromagnetic waves with λ ≅ 122mm.